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Leisure cluster building density (buildings/ha)

This data set was produced as a part of master’s thesis. The thesis was exploring new ways to utilize Finnish national GIS data sets in ICZM (Integrated Coastal Zone Management) work. This view only visualises the building density of leisure buildings inside each cluster. Other information on the leisure building cluster characteristics is stored in the attribute fields as well. The essential data fields are as follows: buildings per hectare (Build_ha), buildings per cluster (Buildings), rock coverage in % (Rock_perc), meadow coverage in % (Mead_perc), beach coverage in % (Beach_perc), open area inside clusters in ha (Open_ha), open area coverage in % (Open_perc), cluster area in ha (Cluster_A), average slope direction of cluster (Direction), beach area in hectares inside cluster (Beach_A), meadow area in hectares inside cluster (Mead_A), rocky area in hectares inside cluster (Rock_A), and shoreline lenght inside cluster (Shore_km). Data sets can be used for research and educational purposes. It is to be kept in mind, though, that the spatial extent of the data set is limited to the study areas defined in the thesis. More information can be obtained from: Alsuhail, F. 2010. Answering to the needs of Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Finland: a GIS approach. Pro gradu. Department of Geography and Geology. University of Turku.

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Published 22.03.2011
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How to reference Source: Leisure cluster building density (buildings/ha). The dataset has been downloaded from Dataportaali service on 14.08.2020. The license can be found on the maintainer's service.


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