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Sara Tamsaari - Published 18.6.2018 - Updated 18.6.2018

  1. 2018-06-18-073501.375583Hikepack-logo.png

Hikepack, a Finnish startup based in Helsinki, released the Hikepack app for iPhone and iPad. It offers offline hiking maps currently covering the main hiking areas in Finland, United Stated, United Kingdom and Romania.

Hikepack is the only hiking app where with just one download, the user gets:

  • offline, high-resolution topographic maps and satellite images

  • all trails, elevations and attractions (such as peaks, campsites, shelters)

Hikepack is the only app where, fully offline, the user can plan new routes and see the remaining time and distance to any destination. Hikepack is currently available in both English and Finnish.

Hikepack uses open data from OpenStreetMap (trails and points of interest). It also uses open aerial imagery from the National Land Survey of Finland and from the US Geological Survey.

Used datasets

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