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Carion Solutions Oy - Publicerad 6.3.2018 - Uppdaterad 6.3.2018

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"The movements of Föri, the City Ferry, can now be tracked in real time. Internet of Things (IoT) exists today where needed, also aboard Föri.

The Aura River divides Turku into two sides: “täl pual jokke” (“this side of the river”) and “tois pual jokke” (“the other side of the river”). Since the summer of 2016 Föri has a new “stowaway” that informs prospective passengers about Föri’s current location. Making Föri Smart is a joint idea and effort by City of Turku and its Business Intelligence solution partner Cerion Solutions Oy. The –service tracks Föri’s movements in real-time and gives an estimate for when Föri will be on either side of the river. The service also shows public transport (bus) timetables at nearby bus stops.

Source for Föli data: Traffic and schedule data for the Turku region bus transit. The data is maintained by the Turku city Public Transport Service Office. Data is used from the service with the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license."

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